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We are thrilled that you are partnering with us to help you with your healthcare needs. Thank you for the opportunity.

Before arriving it is important that you complete your paperwork so our doctors can review it before meeting with you. After you made your initial appointment, you should have received an email with instructions to begin your paperwork. Here is the link in case you missed it:

Your first chiropractic visit will start with one of our doctors reviewing your health history and chief complaints. From there you can expect to have a thorough exam, most likely consisting of a physical exam, orthopedic assessment, neurological testing, and/or x-rays. On occasion, you may receive some treatment on this day depending what findings were found.

Your second visit is called the Report of Findings. On this visit, you will learn what the doctor's findings are from your first appointment, what treatments will be necessary to get you well, and how long your treatment plan is estimated to last. From there we will begin your journey to health!


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