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Kim reviewed Infinity Chiropractic and Nutrition — 5 star
May 26

I wish I could give them more than 5 stars! Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. Dr Zoller is more caring and attentive than 99% of doctors I have ever encountered. He has helped my whole family with everything from nutrition, supplements, old injuries, new injuries and even sinus pain! Ashley is an amazing massage therapist and somehow manages to work out all the kinks while keeping the massage very relaxing.

Erin reviewed Infinity Chiropractic and Nutrition— 5 star

I brought my one-month-old daughter in to see Dr. Zoller in the hope he could help alleviate her colic and reflux issues. He gently adjusted her alignment and, after just one treatment, we noticed a difference. After her third or fourth treatment, she was a completely different baby. She is so happy now and loves to smile. She is content just being in her swing when she wasn't before. We are thankful for Dr. Zoller's knowledge in this area of chiropracty and that he was able to help our daughter.  




An Amazing TEAM of people that wants to serve their community! �


Patient's First Name: Michael


Conditions Treated: Neck and Shoulder Pain


After many years of wear and tear on my shoulders and neck from football and three surgeries, I came to Infinity Chiropractic & Nutrition in constant pain. Dr. Zoller was able to alleviate that pain in minimal visits. I was feeling better than I had in 15 years! Not only was my pain basically gone, but my work with Dr. Zoller made me able to workout. This inspiration has had a wonderful impact on my overall health as over the course of time in my treatment with Dr. Zoller my blood pressure has returned to normal and I have lost weight. Thank you Infinity and Dr. Zoller!



Patient's First Name: Angie


Conditions Treated: Headaches and Sinuses


I am so grateful that Infinity Chiropractic recommended cranial balancing therapy with Maureen Kovich. I was experiencing chronic headaches and sinus problems. After just a few visits with Maureen, I finally had relief. I would encourage anyone to try this therapy.





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